Apple Distinguished Educator

Phil Lavery, founder of GA, has been at the forefront of visualisation and multimedia in education and science communication for around 12 years, working with and setting up science centres like the Big Idea and Glasgow Science Centre. He is proud to be an Apple Distinguished Educator.

Committed to education, Phil founded the Digital Learning Foundation which is an educational charity dedicated to assisting educators and students adopt new technologies and integrate them into everyday teaching and learning while inspiring, motivating and making it fun.

Already, almost 2,000 young people have experienced one of our 3D stereoscopic shows - Space: The Solar System and Beyond, and with current bookings, this will rise to over 15,000 in the coming year.

Stereo Visualisation:

Greythorn Associates are committed to providing education with a low cost, easy to use stereo visualisation system and provide content, help and advice on how to maximise the benefits that this amazing technology can bring to the communication of complex concepts or three dimensional objects or environments.

Present3D is currently available as an authoring and display tool, soon it will also be available as a low cost content viewer. This will enable lectures delivered using a stereo display system to be provided to the students to view on their own laptop or desktop system.

Content and applications:

There are also many wonderful stereo capable applications like Partiview from the Hayden Planetarium and Pymol that are available and free for educational use. We will shortly be providing a list of many of these applications, along with contact and download and help details. Purchasers of our educational systems can have these applications pre-installed and configured on request.

We are currently working on a number of educational programs, if you are interested in helping with or part funding development of educational content please contact us.




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